Saturday, 27 September 2008

not for the horses...

Went to Epson yesterday, first time I've been there for nigh on 10 years...its changed!! The layout is amazing, video footage doesn't do it justice, its so well thought out. I was lucky enough to see some Fortes (just Kye and Leo I think...), Scott Edgeworth, Mr James Maynard and Ross amongst others own the place...well except for a horrible 3 to front wheel.

Got no time to mess with lightroom at present so because of Bone pressure: I thought I'd pose a quick teaser of a couple of pros at work.

John and Nick in pursuit of the perfect nac-nac seat grab...


  1. slack slack slack, what's your excuse this time?

  2. Been riding Bone...more fun than computers!!!

  3. get's dark at before 8, slack