Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Had a tweak with LightRoom and here are the results, fav pic has to be the Jimmy boost below...as it came off the memory card; no tweaking required.

Don't know who this dude was, Australian I think...owned the last set.

Leo Forte. He was quite good.
Not a nice pic but WTF; Kye Forte and Scott Edgeworth occupying the same air-space.

Stolen flash...thanks John.
Check out the grin!
Kye was pulling these to inverts while twisting...

Ross's first 3 was perfect, the next was full on front wheel to head.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

not for the horses...

Went to Epson yesterday, first time I've been there for nigh on 10 years...its changed!! The layout is amazing, video footage doesn't do it justice, its so well thought out. I was lucky enough to see some Fortes (just Kye and Leo I think...), Scott Edgeworth, Mr James Maynard and Ross amongst others own the place...well except for a horrible 3 to front wheel.

Got no time to mess with lightroom at present so because of Bone pressure: http://20negative.com/ I thought I'd pose a quick teaser of a couple of pros at work.

John and Nick in pursuit of the perfect nac-nac seat grab...

Thursday, 25 September 2008

too dark for me.

so I took some pics...apologies to Scott who squealed when I blinded him with a little too much flash...

Wrong John helped me remedy the situation...

Scott retained the face of fear.

Money shot.

Dale's xed.

Ross bail.

Dale's 3...dabbed.

Even Ross stopped riding after these two runs...no light.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Southwater, Horsham and Crawley

Had a three-some yesterday...pics from Southwater only though. For SuperHero assistance head to Crawley; flips over the box within one minuet of arriving; yay. Real shame as the pool is lots of fun.

Steve twists Southwater...looks good but I guess this is a StreetDonkey throw back; he still seems to prefer to land flat on his back wheel!

Scott reckons Benders' mini-spine is nicer, so how come you can boost this one?!

Steve's uber-tech x to half barspin tyre tap.

Scott is responsible for my body loss.

Gav fufanu's the sub...clean as a whistle and on demand; 'nuveran (patent pending John Dye)!!!

Steve ice-picked the horrible vert wall thing.

Almost like I did it on purpose...

Monday, 15 September 2008


...can't get no sleep. So an update from the weekend. Camera stayed in its bag on Sunday and we were useful with shovels instead. The Gay Line is dead, long live Gay Pride Line. all pics are from the new third set step up, with me, Scott, Dan and Ben sharing camera duties.

Save us all, apparently he's in charge...
Nice to see Dales making an appearance...he got back into the swing of thing quickly.
Colins got the one footed x...Dale uses his signature to point out the tea.
Dan brew's up.
Scott gets his knees over while Dan enjoys the fruit of his labours.
Swap. Raw Lanes tweaks an x and Scott quaffs a brew.
Bruce's bonus tuck

Ross stops moaning long enough to boost a flattie
Me erm, diving.
No need for alarm; Dan with a text book barspin
Ben smoothing it through the section. He soon got bored with that...
...and tried to knock the second take off down with a flying knee.long John; late x...as usual.
Blimey two pics of me in one update..
Get the spirit level out Ross.
270 baby.

Two cool pics to finish by Dan...shame i only brought one flash.