Thursday, 30 August 2007

Keir asked me to post this...Gaywoods last hurrah. Make the effort

Melbourne Jam, cool trails and lots of people I haven't seen for ages...cheers Derelict kids!

Local ruler x3.

Hodge chasing Ward.

Iain looks like a proper trail hobo; cool.

Team Stroud.

Team Block.

the over-taking game; kool and the gang.

Iain killing the speed line.

love this pic; the last set looks like some sort of alien temple.

mistimed superman seat grabber; sorry!

recognise this flatty from the A10 Jam.

Sam Skinner=Super Smooth.

Gay Woods crew...where's Nick?

Rad twists all day pretty much any set.

this is what colour your heads goes when you face plant a 3 into nettles...yeah Keir.

I tried to take a decent pick of Francis but there must be a problem with my camera; they all turned into arse shots.

270 baby.

Billy 1 foot flatty.

nice hip.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

also found out this was real crawley skatepark concrete banazaa

melborn whoo!!! its good

Monday, 20 August 2007

wet Saturday chav central; Witham.

Smitt doing things he shouldn't on silly small transions.

180 barspinner

Gav showing how good the August weather is. footjam nosepick whip
It's August in Chelmsford; that means V and rain. No change this year, backwards update again; Sunday first, I'll do Sat if I can be bothered tomorrow...

V cones

this update is mostly about the SteetDonkey at Borehamwood...

after warming up in the rain for a bit, he got serious;

chicken wings anyone?

decent pencil (training bra required?!)


Gav was on hand to give some style tips...

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

some pics from the weekend...can't believe its bloody raining again.

my shed-on fire

Keir's been going to the gym...buff-wizard?

Tom's wheels have got bigger...eyes closed in every pic.

Gav took a couple of pics of Raw Lanes.

sorted the tree ride too.

Practised some Zoolander moves, some did better than others...

Gav; Blue Steel.

Scott; Suprised Monkey

Hodgemo; Magnum!

not really sure what to call this attempt...

Tom; Dazed and confused.