Thursday, 30 August 2007

Melbourne Jam, cool trails and lots of people I haven't seen for ages...cheers Derelict kids!

Local ruler x3.

Hodge chasing Ward.

Iain looks like a proper trail hobo; cool.

Team Stroud.

Team Block.

the over-taking game; kool and the gang.

Iain killing the speed line.

love this pic; the last set looks like some sort of alien temple.

mistimed superman seat grabber; sorry!

recognise this flatty from the A10 Jam.

Sam Skinner=Super Smooth.

Gay Woods crew...where's Nick?

Rad twists all day pretty much any set.

this is what colour your heads goes when you face plant a 3 into nettles...yeah Keir.

I tried to take a decent pick of Francis but there must be a problem with my camera; they all turned into arse shots.

270 baby.

Billy 1 foot flatty.

nice hip.

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